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TSMO Awards


Beginning in 2018, The National Operations Center of Excellence (NOCoE) Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) Awards were given to celebrate your successes and to showcase the very best in our industry. These awards will celebrate the use of TSMO, encourage its expansion throughout the United States, and in line with our mission, we will also share your impactful and creative solutions with the industry. 

The NOCoE TSMO Awards are open to any city, county, MPO (RPO, COG), state DOT or private sector organization. A panel of TSMO expert judges will selected winners in the four primary categories described below. Additionally, an overall winning submission from among the category winner and announced at TRB 2019. Judges will also select an individual to be honored as the TSMO Champion of the Year, chosen for his or her work in advancing the TSMO cause and changing the way people think about transportation.

The submissions for the winners, runners-up will be turned into case studies in early 2019. The knowledge and practices from additional submissions will also be captured throughout 2019 via case studies, webinars, and the NOCoE Knowledge Center.

2018 NOCoE TSMO Award Winners

Best TSMO project (creative solution) Recognizing a successful “on the ground” project that demonstrates the solution(s) of improved system management and operations compared with traditional capacity-based approaches.

  • Winner – Arizona Department of Transportation, US-60 Restripe Project: ArizonaDOT Transforms Road Safety Using Full Suite of TSMO Capabilities (reducing crashes by 70% on an interstate merge) (see case study)
  • Runner Up – Arizona Department of Transportation, ArizonaDOT’s Wrong-Way Vehicle Detection System & State Trooper Co-Location (see case study)


Improving your agency’s TSMO capabilities Recognizing an agency or organization that has successfully integrated CMM/CMF into its structure and the TSMO benefit that came from it.

  • Winner – ITS Heartland Chapter of ITS America and HDR – ITS Heartland’s TSMO University Educational Program (see case study)
  • Runner Up – Florida Department of Transportation, Florida’s Truck Parking Availability System (TPAS) (see case study)


    Major incident or special event planning and response Recognizing an agency or organization’s response to a specific incident or special event utilizing TSMO.

    • Winner – North Carolina Department of Transportation - NCDOT Hurricane Florence Preparation and Response (see case study)
    • Runner Up – Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC), Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and Information Logistics, Inc. (ILOG) - 511PAConnect (two-way direct emergency communication between the agency and a stranded traveler’s smartphone) (see case study)


    Public Communications Recognizing an agency for successfully increasing public or specific audience awareness of TSMO solutions and benefits.

    • Winner – Oregon Department of Transportation, @OregonTIMResponders: Use of Social Media to Engage Oregon Responders Across Disciplines and Promote Responder Safety Laws and Practices (see case study)
    • Runner Up – Michigan Department of Transportation, Development and Maintenance of the MDOT TSMO Implementation and Strategic Plan (see case study)

    Special Awards to Be Announced at TRB 2019

    NOCoE TSMO Overall Winner – This award will be chosen from among the category winners as the best overall submission and will be announced during TRB 2019.

    TSMO Champion – This award will recognize an individual for their contributions to advancing the practice of TSMO and changing the way people and organizations think about transportation and will be announced during TRB 2019.

    More on 2018 TSMO Award Winners

    Best TSMO Project:  Arizona DOT US-60 Restripe Project (see full case study)

    US-60 is a major east-west freeway in the Phoenix Metro area providing commuter and business access while also serving as a principal arterial for state. As westbound US-60 merges with I-10, traffic must exit to either westbound or eastbound I-10, creating a transition area that in 2018 was identified as the segment with the highest numbers of serious and fatal crashes on the state highway system. ADOT found the key to the traffic safety issue was the elimination of the speed differential between lanes and used striping and signage to create an aditional lane that helped eleveate the problem. 






    Improving An Agency's TSMO Capabilities: ITS Heartland's TSMO University Educational Program (see case study)

    Responding to a USDOT request for additional TSMO information delivery methods that were innovative and would provide a greater impact and expansion of their Regional Operations Forum TSMO training,  ITS  Heartland produced an education program called TSMO University that has reached out to a much wider audience of practitioners than ever before. The program is delivered via monthly webinars and in-person  training sessions, and was  developed  and  administered by ITS Heartland with Phase 1 of the program taking place in 2017 with 600 participants and Phase 2 occurring in 2018.


    Major Incident or Special Event: North Carolina DOT's Hurrican Florence Preparation and Response (see case study)

    NCDOT employed advance planning and TSMO strategies to evacuate one million people.


    Public Communications: Oregon TIM Responder's Use of Social Media (see case study)

    Agency developed numerous outreach platforms and strategies to reach TIM responders throughout the state.